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How to Get Rich With Mathematical Certainty:  No Matter Where You are Starting From

On this recording, you will get the simplest and most powerful formula — straight from Wallace D. Wattles’ “The Science of Getting Rich” – for becoming rich yourself…

…No matter where you stand right now.

With this recording you will: 

  • Conquer procrastination
  • Learn the secret of being consistent
  • Rise above the burden of debt
  • Become immune to the negativity of others
  • Tap into the power of positive energy
  • Gain the confidence you need to be successful
  • Learn the formula for getting rich with mathematical certainty
  • Apply this formula to your life so that you know exactly what to do next
  • Learn how to access your power for success
This is a recording of a live webcast.  
You get full access to the streaming audio plus the mp3 download for only $10.

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5 Responses to Workshop Recording

  1. Tony Ward says:

    I,d like to join the webinar on Wednesday please. How do I get the link? Thanks. Tony Ward from Oxford UK

    • admin says:

      Hi Tony,

      There are 2 ways to sign up.

      You can either pay with money or you can pay by spreading the word. That’s why we call this new system “Any 10.” To pay with money, click the link above that says “Pay with money – CLICK HERE”

      To pay without money, you can either:

      1 – forward the email you got to 10 people or…
      2 – Post a link to this page on 10 people’s fb pages.

      In either case, do not spam people. Only send it to people who you think will be interested and please add a personal note.

      Thanks for your interest. It is going to be a great call!

  2. Good morning, I just read your email and have missed the call. I would really like to attend another call ASAP. Please let me know when that will be so I can prepare to be available. Thank you so much. Be blessed, Megan

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