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Train Your Mind…  

Sure, you can learn the principles for manifesting prosperity in the classic, “The Science of Getting Rich,” but let’s face it.  It doesn’t always work.


Because so many people simply learn the concepts but they do not train themselves and so they cannot seem to get this to pan out.

Think about it.

You would not simply read a book about boxing and then get in the ring against a professional boxer.  Would you?

Of course not!

There’s too much at stake (like your face and your body!).  You would train first.  You would train long and hard before putting yourself in a match with a thought of winning.

And yet people simply read The Science of Getting Rich and expect to win.  They expect the knowledge alone to make them rich.  But that’s not how it works.

In order for this science to work for you, you must train your mind.  This way of thinking must become a part of you.

And just like learning to play piano, or learning a foreign language, to really advance with The Science of Getting Rich, you must practice.   This way of thinking must become a habit, a reflex, it must become automatic.

But how do you practice The Science of Getting Rich?  (We’ll get to that in a minute.)

Pump the Confidence Muscle…

Have you ever noticed that every time you win, you gain confidence?

And the more confidence you have, the more you win.

By training your mind in The Science of Getting Rich, you strengthen the confidence muscle.

Monthly Members

The TSOGR monthly membership is probably the fastest, easiest, and most  effective way to stay focused, on track, and always advancing with The Science of Getting Rich (without taking much of your time!)

As a member, you receive a training module every month. Some months it is a live call, some months it is a recording or written lesson.  Then you have the whole month to absorb that training and make it part of you.

You owe it to yourself to train your mind to attract wealth.  You have the innate ability.  It is yours to claim.

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Typical Thoughts of the Untrained Mind…

Here are some of the typical thoughts we all have from time to time.  These are the thoughts of the untrained mind.  They sabotage us each and every time we think them.  And yet, we think them automatically.  We think them habitually.

By training the mind to think empowered thoughts instead, we begin the joyful journey of abundance thinking.

Do you believe that you can use your mind to attract more money?

Have you been frustrated when trying to manifest wealth through the power of thought and intention?

How Many of These Thoughts Do You Think?

  • I don’t think I deserve it.
  • I want money but I believe by me having more others will have less and so I feel guilty about wanting more.
  • Even though I have changed my conscious mind about money, I have an old belief that money is not spiritual.
  • Part of me thinks that wanting money is being greedy and stuck in the physical while poverty is spiritual.
  • When I feel fear about money (or lack of money) it’s hard to believe the visualizations and affirmations. All I feel is the pressure of life and the lack of money.
  • When I don’t see results I give up. I suppose this might work for others but not for me.
  • It seems to take money to make money. I don’t know where to begin.
  • I start out with enthusiasm but doubts come in as I must deal with my personal finances.
  • I see people with no spiritual inclination getting rich while “good” people suffer poverty and it confuses me. I don’t want to be one of those greedy people but I also don’t want to be in lack.
  • The results are too slow.
  • I don’t trust myself to have thoughts that will manifest.
  • I am not worthy.
  • Others are more needing and deserving.
  • Money will only bring problems.
  • Money only comes with hard work. Using the mind to attract wealth is airy fairy.
  • It just doesn’t seem to work or it takes too long.
  • It doesn’t happen fast enough to make a difference.

If you have thought any of these thoughts before, then you are blocking your own prosperity.

It’s not your fault.

We all do it to some extent.  It is part of our culture to think this way.  But you don’t have to stay stuck in these thought forms and the limitations they create.  Your life can become an expression of Universal Abundance.  If you are here, reading this page, this can work for you.

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Awaken Your Financial Power by Training Your Mind in The Science of Getting Rich

Over the course of your ongoing membership, here is a small sample of what you will do:

  • Memorize the TSOGR prosperity mind formula.
  • Imprint your mind with the TSOGR prosperity mind formula so that it becomes your habitual way of thinking.
  • Train your thoughts into harmony with Universal Abundance
  • Find out why most people fail to achieve wealth (and why you don’t have to be one of them).
  • Learn how to quickly identify the #1 mistake you are making in your thinking and fix it immediately.
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to change the way you use your own mind so that it becomes a magnet for wealth.
  • Use the absolute FASTEST way to change your thinking and change your results.
  • Get serious and make The Science of Getting Rich a complete way of life instead of a dusty old book on the shelf.
  • Learn 3 time-tested methods for turning your old patterns of failure into glistening springs of empowerment
  • Get the no nonsense rule for increasing your success with this program (and lowering your stress level in the process!).
  • Use the absolute FASTEST way to change your thinking and change your results.
  • Get past the logical, doubting mind and begin tapping into your intuition and wisdom about the truth of Universal Abundance.
  • Become immune to the negative thoughts of the people around you.
  • Break out of victim mode and take charge of your financial reality.
  • Trade in discipline for passion and enthusiasm.
  • Unleash your mental power and get results.
  • Develop the ability to focus on abundance regardless of conditions.
  • Get past your unconscious blocks and beliefs so that your prosperity can manifest joyfully in the living of your life.

The Principle of Time…

You will acquire all this and much much more in the course of your membership.  These transformations will not happen all at once and we will not give you an overwhelming amount of training all at once.  That would be like having a years worth of meals all on the table at the same time for you to eat.

Too Much!

Even if you are starving for knowledge, you must practice, digest, and own each bit before the next info-meal will do you any good.

That’s why we have designed this as an ongoing membership.  You can’t learn to play piano in a day.  You can’t go to the gym and build your body up in one day.  All these trainings require time and repetition.

And so does your training in The Science of Getting Rich.

Make it a Way of Life…

Join the TSOGR monthly membership and begin training your mind.

  • Watch as your abundance consciousness grows.
  • Feel the natural smile that comes with empowerment and confidence.
  • Experience the spiritual awakening that springs from a deep knowing of Universal Abundance
  • Become the uplifter you were born to be as your increased wealth benefits everyone you meet.
  • Become free from the doubts and negative thoughts that have been sabotaging your life.
  • Develop a golden aura of abundance that attracts more abundance.
  • Experience the light hearted feeling that comes when you release a heavy burden.

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Simply send an e-mail with the word “refund” in the subject line and a constructive suggestion about what we can do to make the program better.  You will receive your refund

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from joining today.

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