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» Why Internet Marketing?

Why Internet Marketing?

Because it is the fastest, easiest, most effective way to make money right here, right now.  And by applying The Science of Getting Rich to the power of the Internet, you can start to see your dreams come true. And that is what we want for you.

Our job, as we  perceive it,  is to:

  • make Wattles' philosophy available to anyone who is looking for it. (Download the free ebook here).
  • support you in fulfilling Wattles' vision for you (that's you, rich).
  • bring you a steady flow of of ideas, tools, and vehicles for making money.

To this end, we focus our offerings on what we believe to be the fastest, most effective way for you to get rich.  And that is, without a doubt, Internet Marketing. If Wattles were alive today, we are pretty sure he'd be talknig to you about making money online.


In the TSOGR Intensive Training Course we focused exclusively on the metaphysics of Formless Substance. We delved deeply into the timeless process of manifestation.  We distilled Wattles message and concentrated on the spiritual aspect of The Science…, devoid of the specifics of any economic period or environment.  We wanted our  simple companion manual to work for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Practical Matters

Here on the blog we are taking the opposite approach.  We are rolling up our sleeves and jumping into the the most effective, current tools, tricks, and tactics for making money online.  We will be bringing you a steady stream of recommendations about specific actions to take to make money.

We hope  you find our recommendations of value.

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